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At the Apex

Originally Kingsley Amis told me he would have to leave at around one. However, as I was apparently making the right impression, he then invited me to come along with him to what I later learned was a fixture in his life at the time, a Tuesday lunch gathering with various conservatively-minded writers at Bertorelli’s, an Italian restaurant. I was very impressed.

Lives Through Clothes: Love, Loss and What I Wore at FPCT

The Ephrons seem to have set out to make the point that on some profound level, women’s clothes are themselves, and that women’s very lives are bound up with their clothes and vice versa. But the case is not well-documented. And little of it bears the stamp of the Ephron wit. But the performances are fine.

Lovestruck and Crazy Like Foxes: BUS STOP at Spotlighters

The flaws I’ve mentioned are real, but are far from detracting altogether from the enjoyment Bus Stop has to offer. Inge not only speaks up for crazy love, but for rustics who in their own ways are crazy like foxes in their pursuit of it.

Lessons From the Mother Road About Government

When government acts, people’s lives change, both for the better and the worse. The three layers of government programs (the Santa Fe tracks, 66 itself, and I-40) sometimes simultaneously visible from Route 66, exemplify that.