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“Partner” and Other Big Firm Euphemisms

One learns that “[c]ompensation adjustments are being used in most firms to deal with underperforming partners…” That phrase “deal with” makes it sound as if “underperformance” were some form of misbehavior that the headmaster will need to address. Okay, so we know Altman Weil are really only talking about cutting people’s pay. But it can get worse. We learn that “chronic underperformers are being counseled out of their firms.” Don’t slip and fall in all that euphemism.

Love Story Heartthrobs in LOVE LETTERS Play

If you love Love Letters, if you want to Oliver and Jennifer again (sort of), or you just want to see two old professionals having gentle fun together, this show’s for you.

Thrilling NEVERWHERE: A Signature Production for an Ambitious New Company

I know a gripping mythos when I see one. This is the real deal. If you have the kind of imagination that responds to graphic novels and Game of Thrones, this one is for you. You will find yourself transported for three hours into a world completely different from our own, but it is nevertheless detailed, dramatically coherent, and totally absorbing.