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War Powers, War Lies: Part 4: Willingly Deceived

The Big Picture Home Page | Previous Big Picture Column |  Next Big Picture Column   War Powers Page | Previous War Powers Column | Next War Powers Column  War Powers, War Lies: A Series  Part 4: Willingly Deceived     Published in the Maryland Daily Record April 29, 2005             Last time, we considered the dishonesty of President Lyndon Johnson in […]

Trying to Think Humanely About Terri Schiavo — And The Rest of Us

There is a time for everything under heaven, and that includes a time to die. And sometimes those closest to the situation, the dying and their families, will not acknowledge it. It is perfectly appropriate to give the rest of us a say: those who will have to bear part of the cost through increased insurance premiums, through higher prices for medical services, through heightened scarcity of those services. And if Terri’s wishes, as found by the courts, were not to be the lodestar, then not only her family but the rest of us as well should have had a say in whether Terri’s body should continue to graze on the limited commons of available medical intervention.