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Even With Campus Rape Charges, We Still Need A Due Process Culture

Sorry, but, where, as is likely with rape allegations, the only evidence is “he said/she said” and hence is in close to equipoise, a mere preponderance standard cannot be enough fairly to adjudicate what are close to criminal accusations. The consequences for the respondent are just too serious, however serious the alleged misdeed.

In the Darkest Place

What I’d learned from experience was to tell myself things like nobody’s dying as I confronted whatever lesser crisis I encountered. The trouble was, on this occasion, I was pretty sure somebody I did not want to lose was dying.

Playing Marital and Mortal Odds: 13 DEAD HUSBANDS at Cohesion

If charming and silly are your thing, you’ll have fun at Thirteen Dead Husbands by Tom Horan. Set in ‘a Paris of the Imagination,’ it centers around Dee-Dee (Cassandra Dutt) the ‘most beautiful girl in the world,’ whose stunning looks come with a serious drawback. The drawback: You marry her, you die promptly of some kind of unpredictable catastrophe. When the action starts, she has already been widowed twelve times, and has a trunk-full of wedding dresses to prove it. The question then becomes what kind of man would now seek Dee-Dee’s hand, and what are his chances (of matrimony, and if so, of survival) if he does?