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Strong Portia and Shylock Redeem Confused MERCHANT at CSC

In a play in which morally acceptable and unacceptable stances are hopelessly intertwined and might turn an audience off, there are two things that will draw us to the play anyway: these two characters, Portia and Shylock. If they are right, the play will succeed, despite all its difficulties. They are right as can be in this staging.

Revival Meetings: ANYTHING GOES, HAIR, and FOLLIES

Revivals pose a unique set of challenges to those who stage them, and a unique set of questions to be considered by a contemporary audience. But great shows get invited back.

Where and Why Extraterritoriality Stops: iPads and Pirate Sites

Imagine if we tried tactics akin to those of the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Act to force Asian electronic factories to adhere to U.S. standards of pay, safety, environmental responsibility and industrial hygiene.