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Walking Music

But acceptance, though assertedly the last stage of dealing with impending death, is only the first phase of deciding to divorce. Then you need to summon courage, logistical skill, and cash. And the greatest of these is courage.

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Not So Law-Abiding, Not So Exceptional

We never seem to have met a privacy right we did not seek to nullify, usually in the sneakiest way. We have set the law of warfare back a century by rendering the fundamental design of the Geneva Accords a dead letter, not just for us but for all the Western powers who have joined in our mideastern wars. We refuse to join treaties basic to the preservation of life and safety on this threatened planet. Instead of protecting the news reporters who throw light on our shortcomings, we are engaged in unprecedented attempts to disempower them and silence dissent by prosecuting leaks. And we fail, time and again, to fix the problems that so recently melted down international finance. Where is that vaunted commitment to the rule of law when we need it?