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Off- and Off-Off-

Is it more important for a memoirist to avoid inflicting pain on those close to him or to tell the truth as he remembers it? Is the allure of suicide to be taken on its own terms or treated with the taboo our society generally imposes upon it? Which should sway the thinking person: the less than conclusive evidence for God’s existence and meaning in the universe or the less than conclusive evidence against God and meaning? There is not going to be an objectively final resolution to these problems. Should drama therefore not “go there”? And if it does “go there,” must the dramatist furnish a right answer? Not in my book.

Intelligent Design Revisited

The Big Picture Home Page | Previous Big Picture Column |  Next Big Picture Column Intelligent Design Revisited   Published in the Maryland Daily Record October 29, 2007             I wrote about Intelligent Design theory here in May of 2004.  In that column, I said, in essence, that Intelligent Design (“ID”) seemed good enough science to […]