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There Goes the Neighborhood

We can all agree that the conclusions of Beneatha’s Place, both dramatic and thematic, make the play as a whole a satisfying contrast with Clybourne Park, if not yet its equal. The jury is still out on this coupling, however. I predict much greater success for it if Kwei-Armah, a man who seems incredibly busy on two continents, can find the time to work the kinks out his half of the pair. Paradoxically, the less slavish his adherence to Norris’s template, the greater the likelihood his play will be invited along on Clybourne Park’s victory lap.

Unfunny Imus

The Big Picture Home Page | Previous Big Picture Column |  Next Big Picture Column Unfunny Imus               It was certainly legal to fire Don Imus.  He was employed by private employers (at least to the extent that public corporations whose stock in trade is use of public airwaves can realistically be called private), so by […]