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Command Influence at the End of a Rope

From the Normandy invasion in June 1944 to October 1944, there were 152 U.S. rape trials by court martial in the European Theater of Operations; in 139 of those cases the defendants were “colored.” In the years 1944 and 1945, 29 GIs were hanged for rape; of them 25 were African Americans. And the U.S. invasion force was 90% white. This begs the question what on earth was going on.


“Kristen” The tragicomic tale of “Kristen” and Client 9 rekindles the perennial debate about legalizing prostitution. And it’s as confusing as ever. Let’s get past the obvious: there are almost always victims. Set “Kristen” aside for the moment. Client 9’s wife and children surely qualify. But I think few of us would wish to make […]