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Strange Places

Some plays are born strange, some achieve strangeness, and some have strangeness thrust upon them (or upon their characters, at least). We consider one of each type herein.

Net Worthlessness: Congressional Wealth and the Unstable Right

Previous I Read The News Today Entry | Next I Read The News Today Entry Net Worthlessness: Congressional Wealth and the Unstable Right A recent report by Peter Whoriskey in the Washington Post on the rising wealth of members of Congress contained a number of surprises, and some food for thought. That Congressmen and -women […]

“Kate,” Part II

Kate, I guess, continued to date that other guy, Jim, until the school year ended. That summer, she was somewhere else. I knew she was out of town, and yet somehow, I kept finding reasons to visit her home. Not knocking, not asking if anyone else was there. Just walking by. That fall, the fall of 1966, the Four Seasons came out with a song that expressed exactly how I felt, their cover of Cole Porter’s immortal I’ve Got You Under My Skin.

A Choice, Not a No-Brainer

We really do need two parties. So how do the Republicans provide a choice, not an echo, while returning to the mainstream of our politics? It’s a No-Brainer.

War Powers, War Lies: Part 3: Tonkin Spook

Stockdale should know about holding the bag: the next year he would be shot down and spend seven and a half years as a North Vietnamese prisoner of war subject to routine torture. He would be kept in solitary confinement for four years. He would be held in leg irons for two years. He had to go through that and more because in the end McNamara’s men did not really care whether there had been any boats or not, and McNamara’s boss LBJ did not care about telling Congress what he was asking for.