Jack L. B. Gohn

Welcome to The Big Picture: Policy, Law, and Politics

And to the Closeup: Literature and Life.

Each of us lives on more than one level. Whatever our walk of life, most of us care about matters of public importance, the interplay of politics and policy and their connections to subjects like religion, economics, and popular culture. We think about and debate these things. And yet each of us also lives focusing on getting from one day to the next, on the texture of our lives, on our particular pleasures and trials and hobbies. And these, too, are preoccupations we wish to share.

This blog is devoted to issues at both ends of that spectrum.

The Big Picture portion permanently houses my column, also called The Big Picture, which runs monthly in the Maryland Daily Record. For want of a better word, call it a policy column. Besides politics, there is also something of an emphasis on the legal issues, as I practice law for a living. Here you will find discussed such topics as the downfall of Detroit, presidential war powers, racy content on the public airwaves, immigration, unenforceable laws, intelligent design theory, the future of the Republican party and much else. I talk about how we as a society do things and how we ought to do them.

The Closeup is more personal and more literary. There are writings about the transitory nature of life and about religion, memoirs, some book reviews, and some old academic writings.

Start by reading about me, and then turn to what I’ve written. I hope you will add your thoughts, replies, and ripostes. I look forward to them.